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Prehistoric Observatories in Scotland

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Stones of Wonder is a Web guidebook to prehistoric monuments in Scotland (dating to the Neolithic or the Bronze Age) which have orientations to the sun, moon or stars. It gives the background to the archaeology of the sites, to archaeoastronomy and to the previous work which has been done. The main part of the guidebook is a listing of the monuments which can be visited, and the best time of year to see them and observe for yourself the sunrises, sunsets, moon rises and moon sets. The work is based on original surveys, of which full details are given.

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Specially for pedants -
Observe: notice or perceive something and register it as being signifiicant
(New Oxford Dictionary of English)
Observatory: A building or place given over to or equipped for observation of natural phenomena
(Webster's third new International Dictionary)


The Legacy - The significance of the stones to their builders
Watching the sun, moon and stars
- Background to what the stones indicate - the solstices, equinoxes, lunar standstills and other events
The Monuments - The types of prehistoric site in this guidebook
The People and the Sky - Historical clues

USING THE SITE DESCRIPTION PAGES - How to get the most from this guide
VISITING THE SITES - Keep the farmers happy
THE LEY LINE MYSTERY - Not what you think


Sites in Argyll and Arran


Ardachearanbeg, Cowal
Ardpatrick, Knapdale
Avinagillan, Knapdale
Ballinaby, Islay
Ballochroy, Kintyre
Ballymeanoch, Argyll
Brainport Bay, Argyll
Campbeltown, Kintyre
Carnasserie, Argyll
Clochkeil, Kintyre
Creagantairbh, Argyll
Cultoon, Islay
Druid's Stone, Gigha
Finlaggan, Islay
Kilbride, Islay
Kintraw, Argyll
Knockstapple, Southend, Kintyre
Loch Stornoway, Knapdale
Machrie Moor, Arran
Nether Largie, Argyll
Port Ellen, Islay
Salachary, Argyll
Stillaig, Cowal


Sites in Mid and South Scotland


Airthrey Castle, Stirling
Bagbie, Galloway
Corogle Burn, Glen Prosen
Craigneich, Perthshire
Dalarran Holm, New Galloway
Dalchirla, Perthshire
Doune, Perthshire
Drumtroddan, Wigtown
Dunkeld, Perthshire
Duntreath, Blanefield
Enochdhu, Perthshire
Fowlis Wester, Perthshire
Muirheadstone, Perthshire
Straloch, Perthshire
The Thieves, Galloway
Wallace's Stone, Perthshire


Sites in the North & North-east

  Achavanich, Caithness
Aulton, Aberdeenshire
Avielochan, Strath Spey
Brodgar, Orkney
Bruiach, Inverness-shire
Castle Frazer, Aberdeenshire
Clach Mhic Mhios
Clava, Inverness
Corrimony, Inverness-shire
Delfour, Strath Spey
Easter Aquorthies, Aberdeenshire
Eslie South, Kincardine
Gask, Inverness-shire
Glen Loth, Sutherland
Hill of Rangag, Caithness
Loanhead of Daviot, Gordon
Maes Howe, Orkney
Midmar, Aberdeenshire
Old Keig, Aberdeenshire
Rothiemay, Strath Isla
Sunhoney, Aberdeenshire
Tomnaverie, Kincardine


Sites in the Western Isles and Mull


Airigh na Beinne Bige, Lewis
Airigh nam Bidearan, Lewis
Ardalanish, Mull
Ardnacross, Mull
Balliscate, Mull
Callanish, Lewis
Cillchriosd, Mull
Clach an Truisheal, Lewis
Clach an Tursa, Lewis
Clach Mhicleoid, Harrris
Cul a' Chleit, Lewis
Dervaig, Mull
Lochbuie, Mull (stone)
Lochbuie, Mull (circle)
Scarista, Harris
Uisken, Mull

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